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Release Date: March 22, 2024

Ochsner Journal Cover

A standout feature of the Spring 2024 issue of Ochsner Journal is an absolute gut-punch of a Health, Medicine, and Society column about a free walk-in clinic at the Ozanam Inn in New Orleans where people experiencing homelessness are welcomed without judgment and are provided with care. In a profoundly moving call to action, Elyse Stevens of LSU Internal Medicine yanks back the curtain that separates us from them and provides a thought-provoking perspective on the myriad obstacles this stigmatized population faces in seeking and obtaining medical treatment.

All four original research articles in the spring issue have Ochsner physician authors.

Ochsner Orthopedics/Sports Medicine continues its strong support of the Journal with the important study “Comparative, Controlled, Retrospective Study of Patient-Reported Outcomes After Meniscectomy With Adjunctive Use of Platelet-Rich Plasma or Amniotic Umbilical Cord Tissue.”

Ochsner Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery contributed “Outcomes of Reduction Mammaplasty in Adolescents vs Average-Age Patients: A 3-Year Single-Center Retrospective Analysis.”

Ochsner-Xavier Institute for Health Equity and Research and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology collaborated on “Evaluating Racial Disparities in Implementation and Monitoring of a Remote Blood Pressure Program in a Pregnant Population—A Retrospective Cohort Study.”

Ochsner ophthalmologist H. Sprague Eustis Jr. is senior author on “Methadone for Emergence Delirium in Ambulatory Pediatric Strabismus Surgery.”

In addition, the spring issue includes two literature reviews, both with Ochsner authors, and seven case reports, two of which feature Ochsner authors. Please consider signing up for the electronic table of contents that’s emailed to subscribers when a new issue is published. To sign up, click to the Ochsner Journal alerts page