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About Us

The Center for EBP & Nursing Research at Ochsner Health is a hub of information and guidance. We exist to support and assist Ochsner nurses and students navigate EBP and research processes. We are committed to facilitating the conduct of cutting-edge research and innovative evidence-based practice (EBP) projects. Our goal is to ignite a spirit of scientific inquiry in nurses at all levels to change practice and lives.


Serve the healthcare community by fostering the integration of research into quality healthcare outcomes through innovation and education. Promote nursing research and EBP to support clinical inquiry, optimize patient outcomes, and improve system efficiency.


Create a culture where EBP guides clinical practice and research creates the evidence to guide EBP.


Guidance with:

  • How to start a project
  • Data collection
  • Student projects
  • IRB submission (
  • System Nursing Research Council submission
  • Abstract, poster, or manuscript submission