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Ochsner Journal Cover Art

Cover art for the fall issue of the Ochsner Journal was created by talented Ochsner Medical Illustrator Barbara Siede to illustrate three procedures described in “Preserving Nasal Tip Rotation and Projection in Open Septorhinoplasty,” a report contributed by Dr. Jason Pou of Ochsner Otolaryngology in conjunction with colleagues from Charleston, SC, and Charlottesville, VA.

In addition, the fall issue includes three other original research articles, a quarterly column, two quality improvement articles, and nine case reports.

Concerned about the high mortality figures being published for patients undergoing orthopedic surgery during the COVID-19 pandemic, our colleagues at LSU-Shreveport decided to look at the outcomes of their orthopedic trauma patients. As the paper title states, “Low Mortality of Orthopedic Trauma Patients with Asymptomatic COVID-19: A Level I Trauma Center Pandemic Experience,” their outcomes were extremely reassuring.

In the quality improvement realm, “Improving Operating Room Efficiency: Relocating a Surgical Oncology Program Within a Health Care System” provides a detailed look at the logistics of moving an established surgical program from one hospital to another. The authors provide extensive drill-down metrics from before and after the move that highlight areas for potential additional efficiencies that aren’t immediately obvious from the high-level metrics.

Case reports in this issue include two papers from Ochsner Maternal-Fetal Medicine, one about a mom and one about a baby: “Atropine, Ondansetron, and Ketorolac: Supplemental Management of Amniotic Fluid Embolism” and “Accidental Ingestion of a NEO-fit Device Component by a Neonate.” The second case was contributed by Dr. Omotola Uwaifo, the fall issue’s featured contributor.

The Ochsner Journal is published quarterly. To subscribe to the electronic table of contents and receive notification when new issues are published, click to the alerts page at the Journal website and enter your email address.