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Release Date: September 18, 2023

Eboni Price-Haywood & Deborah Grimes

Eboni Price-Haywood, MD, Director of the Ochsner-Xavier Institute for Health Equity and Research (OXIHER) and System Medical Director of Healthy State was featured in the August 2023 issue of SAVOY.

Along with Deborah Grimes, our Chief Diversity Officer, the article detailed how Ochsner has adopted a holistic approach to health equity for families throughout the Gulf Coast, while embracing inclusion and diversity within our workforce.

“Through a lens of equity, Ochsner and partners commit to reducing health inequities, developing innovative healthcare delivery, and modeling equitable and respectful care,” said Dr. Price-Haywood. “We use outcomes research, community engagement and health advocacy to investigate and create solutions for the challenges faced today.”

At the core of this effort is an Ochsner executive leadership and board of directors’ decision to set a numerical target for leadership representation, committing to 25% Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) in positions at the Assistant Vice President level and above by 2025.

Ochsner has also adopted a Momentum Mentorship program to advance employees belonging to populations traditionally excluded from leadership. This initiative features one-on- one mentoring with a senior leader and other professional development opportunities.

Read the article in SAVOY Magazine.