Translational Research Core Laboratories

Biomarker Core Laboratory

The Ochsner Biomarker Core provides its clinical and translational investigators with multiple platforms for measuring potential biomarkers in variety of sample types. We specialize in the use of multiplexed x-MAP immunoassays and ELISA assays for the measuring protein concentrations in biological fluids, but also perform analysis of tissue samples. We also perform nucleic acid quantifications using real time PCR methods. Learn more.

FACS and IVIS Core Laboratory

The purpose of the core is to utilize flow cytometry and in vivo imaging instruments more efficiently and accurately within the Ochsner Translational Research groups. The core provides instructions and technical support to new users and maintains the instruments in an optimal condition. Learn more.

Microscopy Core Laboratory

The Ochsner Microscopy Core provides standard brightfield, DIC and fluorescent microscopy and deconvolution microscopy instruments for the use of clinical and translational investigators. These instruments permit acquisition, and qualitative/quantitative recording of images obtained from immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, and fluorescent transfected, transduced and transgenic cells and tissues. Multi-label fluorescent image capture and analysis, montage acquisition, multi-point time-lapse imaging, and FRET techniques can be performed with these instruments. Learn more.


The state-of-the-art Ochsner Biobank was established in 2011 to create an extensive and robust biospecimen and clinical data repository that provides research investigators with a reliable ready source of a variety of biospecimen for cutting-edge translational and clinical research projects. Learn more.