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RELEASE DATE: February 4, 2021

Dr. Eboni Price-Haywood

Ochsner Academics continues to lead the effort to enhance healthcare access, improve health equity and health outcomes in our state with the launch of the Ochsner Xavier Institute for Health Equity and Research (OXIHER).

In partnership with Xavier University, OXIHER will use outcomes research, population health, workforce development, and health equity education initiatives, community engagement and health advocacy to investigate and create solutions for the challenges we face today.

Dr. Price-Haywood will serve as its Medical Director to better understand and address health inequity in Louisiana.

Dr. Price-Haywood has spent her career as a primary care physician, focusing on disease prevention, health promotion and care delivery improvements, with a particular focus on addressing health disparities and advancing health equity.

She most recently served as Director of the Center for Outcomes and Health Service Research at Ochsner Health and has been fundamental in COVID-19 research and studies which enable the research team to shine a light on health disparities in our communities.

The Ochsner Xavier Institute for Health Equity and Research will focus on five key strategies to address health inequity in Louisiana:

  1. Outcomes and health service research;
  2. Education which includes workforce development to create a diverse and inclusive pipeline of healthcare providers and training so that all healthcare providers understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and health equity;
  3. Population health initiatives that focus on healthcare access and ambulatory care quality metrics, and connecting patients with community resources they need outside of healthcare;
  4. Community engagement, with the Center hosting events such as health fairs, community clinics and workforce development opportunities.
  5. Advocacy to work with our government leaders to improve public policy around health.

“Having Dr. Eboni Price-Haywood serve in this capacity is a win for Ochsner, Xavier, and the people of Louisiana,” said Leonardo Seoane, MD, SVP and Chief Academic Officer.“ Her contributions in outcomes research demonstrate a capacity to untangle the causes of health inequity and define workable solutions,” he added.

Health inequity, whether due to race, ethnicity, gender or low socioeconomic status, contributes to poor health and is a complex issue that requires careful investigation and novel solutions.