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Here's how to get started:

  1. Discuss your project with your Supervisor and Administrative Research Director or Manager.
  2. Complete an Application Initiation Form (AIF) by the due date indicated in Table 1.
    • The AIF due date is 30–90 days before the sponsor deadline, depending on the application complexity.
    • You may ask a Clinical Research Coordinator with detailed project knowledge to complete this form for you.

    Due Date (# Days before Sponsor Deadline)
    Application Characteristics

    Federal sponsor

    Includes a collaborating institution to be paid through Ochsner

    Requires equipment lease/purchase

    Project requires construction, renovation, or real estate lease/purchase

    Includes patient care

    None of the above
    If extraordinary circumstances prevent you from adhering to this timeline, please contact the Grants Manager to discuss customized due dates.
  3. Follow additional steps as requested by the grants team. See Table 2 for a summary timeline

    Internal Due Date

    Budget Information
    At least three weeks before the sponsor deadline.
    For complex applications or those including the budget items specified in Table 1 above, additional time may be requested.

    All application documents in final form—including biosketches
    At least date.five (5) working days before the sponsor due
    Current NIH biosketch forms and instructions can be found here.

For more information, see our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Grant Applications.