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The Ochsner Microscopy Core provides standard brightfield, DIC and fluorescent microscopy and deconvolution microscopy instruments for the use of clinical and translational investigators. These instruments permit acquisition, and qualitative/quantitative recording of images obtained from immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, and fluorescent transfected, transduced and transgenic cells and tissues. Multi-label fluorescent image capture and analysis, montage acquisition, multi-point time-lapse imaging, and FRET techniques can be performed with these instruments.


Ochsner Health Academics Division purchased and implemented the Axiovert 200M Marianas inverted deconvolution microscope system from Intelligent Imaging Innovations (Slidebook software) in 2003 and users have logged an average of more than 32.5 cumulative hours weekly since that time. Set-up time is minimal (15 minutes per user) so the logged time largely reflects image capture and data processing time. Five laboratories have utilized the microscope extensively. Images acquired with this microscope have contributed to several grant applications, manuscripts, and seminar presentations, and have significantly increased the quality of basic and translational research at Ochsner.

The most important differentiating features of the deconvolution microscope include the ability of this system to take high clarity, high resolution photographs in 3D and real time. Many of the intracellular trafficking and cell migration studies in which we participate rely on time-lapse imaging over several hours to record events within living cells observed confocally with high resolution. The temporal and spatial resolution of deconvolution microscopy permits us to follow high speed subcellular events in 3D over time.

In addition, the core has a standard Leica DMIRB fluorescent microscope with Spot software.

Technical Expertise

Dr. Li presently serves as Core Director and Dr. Zhang as Core Co-Director for the deconvolution microscope. As such, they keep records of microscope use and bulb life, perform minor repairs and adjustments, mediate communications to technical support regarding user questions and concerns, update software as necessary, and train new incoming investigators. In addition, they certify that the microscope is properly cleaned and covered after each use.


1st floor of The Gayle and Tom Benson Cancer Center, room 1N501

Hours of Operation
8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday

Instrument Reservations

Dr. Li Li
Core Director
Tel. 504.842.2428

Dr. Xin Zhang
Core Co-Director
Tel 504.842.2834