STAR 2015

STAR Class of 2015 

Rebecca Sanchez
Pitre, PhD
Senior Team Leader
Academic Outreach Coordinator

Katherine Henry
Junior Team Leader
STAR Alumna 2012

Razan Badr
Riverdale High School

Christian Barrow
East Saint John High

Sybil Duncan
Notre Dame Catholic High School

Rabiya Farooqui
Grace King High School

Emily Gonzales
Mount Carmel Academy

Leonardo Gutierrez
Bonnabel High School

Maria Heredia
Grace King High School

Tirzah Howard
East Jefferson High School

Matthew Letendre
Ruston High School

Isabelle Mays
Ruston High School

Tyrus Norcise
Jesuit High School

Charlotte Pearson
Ben Franklin High School

Aimee Rodwig
Mandeville High School

Jessica Tran
Ben Franklin High School

Ariel Walker
Patrick F Taylor

Olivia Whitcomb
St. Mary's Dominican High School

Weekly Newsletter - The Star Gazer

Each student project group compiled a newsletter for one week of the STAR Program, with the goal of recapping their experience during the previous week, offering medical terminology activities, and previewing the activities scheduled for the week ahead. These newsletters were entirely student-produced, with minor review from STAR administration prior to publishing.

Week 1 |  Week 2  |  Week 3  |  Week 4