BITE Pain Therapy Toolkit

The purpose of the BITE Pain Therapy™ toolkit is to provide organizations, who sign a licensing agreement, with resources to guide implementation and outcome measurement for this evidence-based pain management program. The use and labeling of pain care using the term BITE Pain Therapy™ mandates that you implement all 6 components of the BITE Pain Therapy™ bundle (pain education, pain & coping assessment, structured pain rounds, communication of comfort goal & next pain dose, pharmacological management, & offering complementary therapy). The specific strategies and processes you use to deliver these bundle components are up to you.

The toolkit is free to organizations that sign the licensing agreement and includes:

  1. Research proposal outlining evidence for BITE Pain Therapy™, measures and instruments (pain & coping assessment instruments, assessing pain care quality, bundle adherence audit instruments, data analysis plan), and project materials (nurses’ educational plan, patient educational brochure, complementary therapy menu). Note: This proposal is informational and cannot be reprinted without written authorization from Dr. Karen Rice, However, we encourage licensed organizations to use the research proposal and supporting documents to guide implementation and outcome measurement at your organization, citing BITE Pain Therapy™, Ochsner Health System, New Orleans, Louisiana, 2016.
  2. BITE Pain Therapy™ logo graphic information for use in printed documents or other products or promotional materials (i.e. shirts, buttons, etc.).

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