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Evaluating Posterior Nasal Drip

This study will look at patients with a complaint of Posterior nasal drip (PND) who undergo sinonasal surgery and will attempt to link posterior inferior turbinate hypertrophy (PITH) to PND. All patients will have a preoperative nasal endoscopy in clinic to assess for PITH. All patients will complete preoperative quality of life forms, previously validated Sino-nasal Outcome Test (SNOT 22) and Nasal Obstruction and Septoplasty Effectiveness (NOSE) forms. Patients will undergo a computed tomography (CT) scan as deemed appropriate by Dr. McCoul. Patients will then be electively enrolled for surgery. All the preceding steps will occur in the course of routine clinical care and are unchanged by study participation. While under general anesthesia, small biopsies of the posterior inferior turbinate, the anterior head of the inferior turbinate (at the incision site for routine submucosal resection of the inferior turbinate (SMRT), and the anterior nasal septum will be obtained and sent to pathology. The pathology department will then evaluate the biopsies for markers of inflammation.