Clinical Trials Unit Facilities

Ease of Access

The Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) at Ochsner is located at the Ochsner Baptist Medical Center in New Orleans. Its central Uptown location provides easy access to volunteer research subjects, research investigators, research coordinators, and sponsors. Covered parking is available in the Jena Garage free of charge.

Reception Area

A large reception/waiting area welcomes visitors to the CTU. Staffed by courteous and knowledgeable receptionists, it is suitable for handling large-volume clinical trials.

Examination Rooms

Eight (8) spacious, fully equipped examination rooms are available in the CTU. These rooms are ideally suited for obtaining informed consents, physical examinations, patient counseling, etc.

Inpatient Beds

The campus consists of 43 all-private medical/surgical beds available for conducting complex inpatient clinical trials. These inpatient clinical trials can be managed by the CTU staff.

Infusion Suite

The 8-station Infusion Suite provides a comfortable environment to volunteer research subjects during infusions. Equipped with flat-screen television monitors, the Infusion Suite is located within the CTU and is staffed by experienced infusion nurses.

Sleep Lab

The CTU boasts access to a newly renovated Sleep Lab that accommodates up to 8 studies at any given time. Services of a sleep clinic are also available on-campus.

Research Pharmacy

A full line of pharmacy services is available to research teams in the state-of-the-art, 500-square-feet research pharmacy. All investigational drugs are handled by experienced and dedicated Research Pharmacists who provide services such as (but not limited to) receiving, storing, dispensing, shipping, compliance, and accountability of investigational drugs.

Phlebotomy Services

Volunteer research subjects can have blood drawn in the CTU by an experienced phlebotomist. Blood specimens can also be processed, stored, and shipped according to protocol specifications by the staff of the CTU.

Imaging Center

The on-site Ochsner Baptist Imaging Center offers a range of state-of-the-art equipment, including a 64-slice CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Radiography, Fluoroscopy, Nuclear Medicine, Radiation Therapy and Echo Cardiology testing. In addition, a Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) is in place to allow research investigators to view images of volunteer research subjects in their offices and throughout the hospital, including the operating rooms.

Float Offices

The CTU provides the convenience of multiple float offices for visiting investigators, sponsor representatives, study monitors, and research staff. The availability of free wireless internet access adds to the convenience of using this facility.

Conference Room

A multipurpose conference room with advanced audiovisual teleconferencing and videoconferencing capabilities is available in the CTU. The conference room can be used by study teams to discuss the progress of their studies, by monitors to conduct study monitoring activities, or by investigators to meeting with groups of volunteer research subjects.

Access to Biobank

For protocols that require the processing and storage of biological specimen such as tissue biopsies, blood, urine, etc., access to an in-house, state-of-the-art biorespository unit is available.

Dietary Services

Ochsner Baptist Medical Center's cafeteria, Café De Lis, is located on the first floor of the Clara Wing and is open for breakfast and lunch. For clinical protocols that have specific dietary requirements, arrangements can be made through the CTU.

Guest Accommodations

An overnight stay may occasionally become necessary for the family members of volunteer research subjects involved in inpatient clinical trials. Some out-of-town study monitors may also prefer to stay closer to the CTU when they are visiting for study monitoring activities. The McFarland Inn is a 4-room hotel that is conveniently located on the Ochsner Baptist campus. Reservations can be made by calling (504) 894-2400.

Free Wi-Fi

Bedside Electronic Data Capture (EDC) is effortless for research study teams with free and reliable wireless capability throughout the facility. Moreover, the extended-stay volunteer research subjects can bring their laptops/pads to surf the internet while receiving an investigational treatment or being monitored.