Biostatistical Support Services

The Office of Biostatistical Support (OBS) offers various services, including study design, statistical analysis, as well as interpretation and reporting to researchers at Ochsner Health System. In order to provide an outstanding service, it is always preferable that you contact us before your research begins! Visit our intranet page for Frequently Asked Questions.

How to Request a Consultation

Step 1 Submit a Request form
Step 2 A biostatistician will contact you for an Initial consult
Step 3 Send your assigned biostatistician your summary sheet (consult template)

Things to know:​

  • During the initial consultation we will review your study design, research question(s) and hypothesis, variables and how these are measured, so please have these items finalized.
  • Requests take at least 4 weeks from initial consultation and/or receipt of final data.
  • Results will include statistical methods, statistical results, and basic interpretation.
  • If you need further explanation of your results or additional analysis, you may contact your biostatistician directly.
  • The magnitude of services provided by your biostatistician may merit co-authorship. Discuss this with your biostatistician prior to any abstract or manuscript submission.

How to Request SAS

Ochsner Information Systems has set up a system-wide license for SAS statistical software.

Requests to add new users to the license can be placed via ​IS Support Ticket​. You will need to Log New IS Request ​​​​for ​Access Request for Existing Application.

A SAS 9.4 icon will appear on the public desktop so users won’t have to search for it. For any additional questions please contact IS at